Steering Group

Steering Group

Following consultations and appeal via Parish Matters 4 residents volunteered to join a Steering Group. Currently the steering group is made up of Philip Longhurst, Cllr. Ian Webb and Ewan Williamson. Cllr John Cooling is the representative on the Group from the Parish Council.

The first meeting took place in July 2017 and the Group determined to proceed with a Parish Plan for the area.

The Chair of the Steering Group is Ian Webb.

The Secretary of the Steering Group is Penny Inglis

Terms of Reference – Adopted June 2017

You can contact the Steering Group by email:

The next meeting will be Thursday 19th March 2020 @ 7:30 pm in the Millennium Hall – Agenda 


6 July 2017                                            Minutes

7 September 2017                                Minutes

5 October 2017                                     Minutes

2 November 2017                                Minutes

7 December 2017                                 Minutes 

4 January 2018                                    Minutes

1 February 2018                                  Minutes

27 February 2018                               Minutes 

5 April 2018                                         Minutes

1 May 2018                                           Minutes 

5 June 2018                                          Minutes

17 September 2018                             Minutes 

4 October 2018                                   Minutes 

1 November 2018                               Minutes 

6 December 2018                               Minutes 

7 March 2019                                      Minutes 

4 April 2019                                         Minutes 

6 June 2019                                         Minutes 

4 July 2019                                          Minutes

The Parish Plan will be distributed to all households in the Parish in early July.


The Parish Council thanks the members of the Steering Group for their time and energy, including support from the Rural Community Council of Shropshire, and residents for their contribution during the last two years to bring this project to a successful conclusion.