Parish Newsletter – Your Parish Matters

The Parish Newsletter, Your Parish Matters, is posted to every home in the Parish. If you live in the Parish and do not receive a copy, please contact the Clerk and she will look into the reason for you.

Feedback and comments are most welcome.

Edition 25 – November 2017

Edition 26 – Spring 2018

Edition 27 – Autumn 2018

Special Edition 2018

Edition 28 Spring 2019

Edition 29 Summer 2019

Edition 30 Winter 2019/20

Special Edition 2020

Edition 31 Summer 2020

Edition 32 Winter 2020/21

Edition 33 Autumn 2021

A Parish Magazine, for the benefice of the Meres and Meadows covering Cockshutt, Colemere, Welshampton, Petton and Lyneal, is published monthly and costs 75p. To subscribe to the Magazine please contact Rev. Maureen Read on 01939 270759.