Council Elections 2017

The deadline for receipt of nominations for the position of Councillor for the Parish Council was Tuesday 4 April 2017;  4 nominations were received for the 8 seats available.  There were no nominations received more than available seats for each Ward.  The links to the notices of uncontested elections are below:

Cockshutt Ward      Petton Ward

There are currently 3 vacant positions in Cockshutt Ward and 1 in Petton Ward.  The Council can fill these positions by co-option.  If you would like to be considered for these positions please contact the Clerk or any Councillor.

Application for Co-Option

Guidance for candidates

The following documents will give guidance to prospective candidates:

Shropshire Council – Guide to Procedures for Town and Parish Council Elections

Good Councillor Guide

Power to the People

It Takes All Sorts