Meeting Papers 2019

The agenda for a meeting will appear here at least 3 days before the meeting.
Draft Minutes will appear within 30 days of the meeting.

17 January Ordinary Meeting AgendaFinancial Statement Minutes
31 January Extra Ordinary MeetingAgendaUseful links:
Preferred Sites Document
Proposed Policy Document
Parish Plan Survey Analysis
Land Availibility Assessment
14 February Ordinary MeetingAgendaFinancial StatementMinutes
14 March Ordinary MeetingAgendaMinutes
11 April Ordinary MeetingAgendaFinancial StatementMinutes
9 May Annual Meeting AgendaDraft Minutes
13 June Ordinary MeetingAgendaFinancial Statement
11 July Ordinary Meeting
13 SeptemberOrdinary Meeting
10 October Ordinary Meeting
14 November Ordinary Meeting
12 December Ordinary Meeting