Parish Council Services

The Council provides local services :-

Street Lighting

The Council provides all the street lighting in the Parish except for those around The Meadows.  There is a maintenance contract with Highline Electrical Ltd and the electricity is supplied by Eon UK Ltd.

If you notice a problem with any of the street lights please contact the Parish Clerk and she will make sure it is resolved.

Grounds Maintenance

The Parish Council owns the Jubilee Field and the Millennium Hall Management Committee lease the football field from Ellesmere Estates.  However, it is the Council that ensures that for both areas the grass is cut on a regular basis.

Notice Boards

The main notice board for the Parish is found on Church Green, Cockshutt. Important notices, when possible, are also placed in the Shop and Post Office in Cockshutt and at the Church in Petton. A copy of the latest agenda and minutes can be found on this website.