Non-statutory consultation on a proposed new substation and overhead line – Powys to Lower Frankton

Non-statutory consultation on a proposed new substation and overhead line – Statement from Green GEN Cymru

In Mid Wales, new windfarms are being proposed in response to the need to deliver new, green, renewable energy. However, the existing electricity network does not have the capacity to connect them – to end the use of fossil fuels we need new infrastructure, and quickly.   

Green GEN Cymru is proposing a new substation site in the Powys uplands and overhead line through the Vyrnwy Valley to connect to the existing electricity network near to Lower Frankton in Shropshire. 

It would connect clean energy quickly and efficiently to help address the climate emergency. The connection could also contribute to a more resilient and reliable network for the region, providing for a future in which we all rely more on electricity as we move away from oil and gas.  

Public consultation

A non-statutory consultation on our proposals is taking place from 6 September to 18 October 2023. 

In this consultation, we are asking for feedback on: 

·         The proposed site for the collector substation and cable sealing end compound in Powys 

·         The preferred route for an overhead line through Powys and Shropshire 

The feedback we receive from this consultation will help us better understand any potential effects of our proposals so we can develop them in response to local needs. 

We know that people will have differing views on new infrastructure, and we recognise there will be concerns about pylons in the landscape. Delivering the infrastructure we need to address climate change requires a careful balance, and in connecting the renewable energy needed, we are focused on causing the least disturbance to the environment and those who live, work and enjoy recreation close to our proposals. 

We have written to communities closest to our proposals, and our dedicated lands team will be working closely and supporting those who are most affected.

Our consultation materials are available to view on the website – www.greengenvyrnwyfrankton.comtogether with details of the events and webinars.