Cockshutt Post Office

As many of you will be aware the Post Office in Cockshutt, open two full days a week now, will close at the end of March this year. Jointly the Village Hall Committee and the Parish Council is looking at the viability of continuing this service in Cockshutt, but it is unlikely that a post office alone would be a viable proposition.

Unfortunately, the trend nationally for the survival of rural post offices and shops is not encouraging, as we have seen in the immediate area with the closure of Loppington and Myddle. Cockshutt had a shop for many years under different ownerships but it couldn’t survive given the limited patronage, so, the question of viability must be considered.

Where do we stand now? Discussions are being held to provide an outreach post office service, but the current offer is only to provide 3hrs/week, to commence in April. In the long-term it has been suggested that an area within the Village Hall could be a consideration to house both post office and shop, however, there are numerous hurdles to overcome if this was to become a reality, not least the question of viability. It is unlikely that the former shop would be fit for purpose because of limited storage, and of course there is the parking aspect to consider.

It is envisaged that any such retail outlet would have to be a commercial venture, as the idea of a community volunteer run establishment did not progress following the village volunteer meeting in November 2018, and the inclusion of a post office may not be achievable with multiple volunteer staff. That all said, any local entrepreneur who is willing to run a shop/post office on a permanent basis should make themselves known to the Village Hall Committee, or the Parish Council.

On behalf of:

Cockshutt Village Hall Committee

Cockshutt-cum-Petton Parish Council


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