Mobile Network Coverage, Cockshutt

The Parish Council has recently been in touch with Telefonica who applied for permission to install a mobile mast in Cockshutt. In response to enquiries regarding the post-code area SY12 the predicted network coverage is good for calls, texts and data outdoors and patchy indoors. However due to the local terrain in the area customers may not be able to get regular strong network coverage. O2’s closest network masts to this area are between six and seven kilometres away so signal strength may well be intermittent and patchy.

Network coverage cannot be guaranteed at all times and in all places in the U.K. Coverage will be affected by local geography such as hills, valleys, trees and building walls that may be between where a customer is using their device and their nearest serving network mast. This is confirmed in O2 Pay Monthly contract terms and conditions, section 2.2 which can be found on their website at:

Telefonica network’s team have advised that unfortunately they do not have any current plans to install a new network mast in this area. Telefonica are currently investing over £2 million a day into improving networks across the U.K. and prioritising areas that will serve and benefit the largest numbers of customers and this does not currently include the Cockshutt area.

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