Parish Plan Update

The Parish Plan was adopted by the Parish Council in June 2019 and set out the key concerns of the Community and future aims, in the form of an action plan. The plan is therefore a tool that can be used by the parish council and many other groups or individuals within the community to shape the future of the parish. Progress on the plan and discussion of future priorities was to take place at the annual parish meeting in May 2020. In light of the current situation we have the following updates to share with our community:

There are currently 13 homes at various stages of construction in line with SamDev requirements. The Meadows estate has been adopted and the street lighting is now the responsibility of Shropshire Council.

Fibre broadband is available in Cockshutt for those who wish to invest in superfast speeds. Residents of Petton can choose to try Airband or SWS services for ‘Wireless Broadband’ with download speeds of up to 40Mb available. Other parts of the Parish may also be able to get a signal for wireless services, but all properties require an individual survey from the provider.

The Leaking Tap pub in Cockshutt has been listed as an ‘Asset of Community Value’ it is open and the shop has opened as ‘That Bakers Treat’ – Please do support these businesses if you can.

The speed watch group continues to monitor speeding through Cockshutt village and the P3 group meets up on Wednesday mornings to walk the public rights of way and keep them clear of overgrowing vegetation.

Although the Millennium Hall has been closed during lockdown and many events such as the horticultural show have been cancelled, volunteers will always be needed to step forward and help on organising committees as lockdown restrictions are eased. Work on the patio outside the hall has started, but the rest of Jubilee Field development remains on hold.

Penny Inglis
Steering Group Secretary.